5 Dental Myths You Need to Discard

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It’s obvious that not many people like going to the dentist these days. Uneasy feelings about the dentist more often than not translate to irrational fears and the formation of dental myths and horror stories. It is extremely important to make sure that taking care of your teeth is not something you can put on the backburner very easily. In other words, making dental myths manifest themselves as real facts could lead you to not take dental care as seriously as you should, which then leads to poor oral health and the need for painful or unpleasant procedures.

Myth 1: If I brush my teeth really well right before a dental appointment, they won’t notice that I haven’t been following proper brushing habits

Many of you can say that you have gotten away with this at one point or another. Sometimes an overworked dentist, combined with luck on your side, will not notice the fact that you may not brush as often as you should. Most of the time, however, not brushing twice a day can lead to the formation of plaque and bleeding and swollen gums which a dentist will definitely notice. This is why brushing twice a day is extremely important. It is for your own health but also makes sure that the busy dentist is not wasting time constantly reminding you that your teeth need to be kept cleaner.

Myth 2: If I brush a lot more often, then that means I’m being that much healthier

This is a false and counter-intuitive statement. If you brush more than twice a day it can actually have adverse effects on your teeth. The abrasive nature of toothpaste can cause wear as well as the fact that brushing too much can put a strain on your enamel that is not being given enough time to recover. These can lead to dental problems. In between your twice-a-day brushing habits, it is much better to rinse your mouth with water and chew a piece of sugar-free gum to prevent plaque buildup.

Myth 3: If I go for dental treatments while I’m pregnant, it could be very bad for the baby

A dental checkup is recommended for women during pregnancy and it does absolutely no harm to your unborn child. Local anesthetics and X-rays are alright as well, but should only be done if there is no other alternative. Please inform your dentist that you are pregnant before receiving treatment because there are some things that should be avoided altogether, such as an amalgam removal or the taking of antibiotics. These things could potentially cause risks to your unborn child. Talking to your dentist is the best way to avoid anything negative.

Myth 4: If my gums are bleeding while I’m brushing or flossing, it is better to stop immediately

If you notice that your gums are bleeding before, during, or after brushing or flossing, this is a sign that your gums are not healthy. When there is plaque and debris that accumulates around the teeth, especially in the pocket (or sulcus) of gum around the tooth, this leads to inflammation of the gums. When these pockets are clean and there is no debris located within, the gum tissue will heal properly and bleeding will not occur. Daily brushing and flossing in conjunction with professional cleanings when visiting your dentist will keep your gum tissue healthy and prevent bleeding.

Myth 5: But those gum injections are so painful!

Also not the case! Mind you, getting a gum injection is probably one of the least pleasant procedures at the dentist, but with modern technology today, it can also be completely painless. Often, patients will have a pre-injection cream placed on the gum in order to completely numb it prior to the dental anesthetic being given. Both make the injection pain-free. On top of this, most dentists will also use different distraction techniques to try and take their patient’s minds away from what is happening. In any case, receiving a gum injection is no problem at all in this day and age!

Accord Dental is dedicated to helping you debunk some of these myths that make us think going to the dentist is either scary or unimportant. Make an appointment with us today!


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