What is the cost of a crown at Accord Dental in Kitsilano on West 4th?

cost of dental crown kitsilano

Currently, the cost of a crown at our office is around $1100, which includes a ‘foundation filling’ – called a build-up which goes under the crown.  In most cases, we use a ‘porcelain fused to metal crown’ – meaning part of the crown is made of metal with the esthetic(visible parts) in white ceramic.  The most durable crown is made out of an alloy which includes gold and is cheaper.  For those high esthetic zone areas, an all ceramic crown can be made(if suitable) also at a cheaper price.  Crowns start at about $800 for non-esthetic all metal and go up to $1100 for a combination of metal and porcelain.  We at Accord Dental will give you the information to help select the best dental care options that suit your needs.


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