Non-Vital Bleaching : Non-vital bleaching is a simple, less invasive treatment.

Non-Vital Bleaching

Often trauma and infection can lead to unwanted esthetic results on your front teeth, even after root canal treatments were done recently or long ago.  Non only can these discolourations be reversed, but they are done without having to put a crown or veneer on the tooth – often getting a better esthetic result while saving the patients hundreds of dollars!  Non-vital bleaching is a simple, less invasive treatment and doesn’t even require any freezing(no needles!).

Here are a few examples.

  1. The first case photo is after one treatment, as there wasn’t an initial photo but the tooth was very yellow on a root canal done over 12 years ago.  The second photo is after the 3rd treatment and it is quite obvious how much it has improved.
  2. The second case is the result of trauma, which caused the tooth to die and a root canal was needed.  However, the internal bruising cause the tooth to go black.  After two treatments one can see the remarkable improvement.
If you have a tooth in need of non-vital bleaching, Dr. Alex at Accord Dental on  west 4th avenue in Kitsilano would be happy to consult and see if you are a candidate for this treatment.
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