The Toothbrush That Can Tattle On Your Dentist

There exist wearable devices that can keep track of things such as our heart rate and amount of calories burnt when we exercise, but now there is a device that can keep track of our brushing habits.

kolibree electric toothbrushA new electric toothbrush has the capability of not only sensing how well and how long we brush, but can help us keep track of the results via smartphone.

The Kolibree toothbrush, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week took dental hygiene freaks and tech geeks alike by storm. All the movements once inside your mouth can be uploaded to any iPhone or Android app with a built-in Bluetooth wireless functionality (including your dentist).  Yes, that means Dr. Alex (your dentist in Kitsilano) will be able to monitor your brushing habits.

The French inventor Thomas Serval is the man behind the brush, boasting about its capabilities for improved brushing habits. He is convinced it is about the same thing as having an actual dentist supervise your brushing on a day-to-day basis.

The brush and app also have the flexibility for third party support. In other words, other developers can come and create even more games for the brush. At one point you could end up using your brushing skills to kill monsters running amongst within the confines of your mouth for the high score.

Serval says he came up with the idea when he discovered that his children were constantly lying to him about having brushed their teeth. He realized that it would be beneficial to create a brush that kept track of when and how well it was used so that no one could lie about such an important part of our daily lives again.

Depending on the features, the Kolibree toothbrush will go on sale for about $99 to $200. The United States is planned to be the first intended market.

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