Vancouver UBC Dental Student, Alumni, and Faculty win big at CDHA Awards

vancouver dentist wins awards2013 saw the return of the Canadian Dental Hygienist Association Awards. In collaboration with their Dental Hygiene Recognition Program, three individuals – two recent graduates and one current third-year student – each received the prestigious award, representing the University of British Columbia. Despite slight variations in the academic credentials of the three lucky winners, each showed outstanding work on the contrasting of diploma and baccalaureate degree dental hygiene education in Canada.

Among other awards include the CDHA Oral Health Promotion Award, sponsored by Crest Oral-B, given to another recent graduate of UBC’s Dental Hygiene program upon presenting her undergraduate work surrounding the legitimacy of smoking “healthier” alternatives to cigarettes.

Finally, the CDHA Leadership Award was given to another third-year dental hygiene student for his various contributions to “the academic and professional community through his involvement and leadership” for the program, especially assisting and reassuring upcoming first-year students.

Dr. Alex would like to personally congratulate the winners this year for their hard work and continuing dedication. These are attributes commonly found in most students taking on the challenges of difficult and competitive programs such as Dental Hygiene at UBC. The purpose of the CDHA Awards is to recognize the students that go that extra mile for their passion.

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